June 11th, 2010


Listen Up Dads…… Would you like a “Second Chance” to reconnect with your kids?
If so, then this initiative is for YOU.

The 2nd Chronicles 7v14 Ministeries “Second Chance For Dads” is an invitation for Houston Area African American “Dads” to step up and commit to being better fathers.

 Each participant will be invited via our web page to submit their stories and express their desire for another opportunity, a second chance perhaps, to start anew and to be a better father this second time around.

Our organization is all about second chances, so dads will be asked to sign a covenant agreement with 2nd Chronicles 7v14 Ministries and pledge that for the next year they will learn to “BE A BETTER FATHER”. Each dad will participate in programs and services sponsored by 2nd Chronicles 7v14 Ministries at area churches that will assist them in being better dads and encourage commitment and accountability.

Signing up is easy….if you can fill out an application or if you can blog or write an essay….you can participate!

Click application link below to enter a printed or electronic copy of our 

“Second Chance For Dads Application”

                   Important information to include about yourself when writing your essay:
(Your regrets as a father… Current relationship with your children… Heart’s desire to change…      Pledge of  commitment)

In 1,000 words or less tell us why you want an opportunity to become one of our “Second Chance” Dads.

Use extra paper if necessary and please print or type. If you desire to submit your entry by blog, you may do so by posting your essays in our comments section below.

Entries will also be accepted by posting your essay on our website @ www.2ndChronicles7v14.Org , by faxing to
832 202 0239 or by mailing a printed copy of the application to:
P.O. Box 53262 Houston, Texas 77052.

To learn more about us and our ministry activities in the community, be sure to visit us @www.2ndChronicles7v14.org.  

If you desire to contact us, you may do so  at  800 536 7230.